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Aluminium Awnings have graced countless windows and doors throughout South Africa giving you all year round protection against sun, heat and rain. Awnings require very little maintenance and are manufactured to suit each individual installation.

The aesthetic design is practical as the panels are clipped together in such a way that allows air to escape and therefore does not allow hot-air build up. With 15 colours in the range, you can mix and match the colours to suit you.




Carports can be free standing or attached to the building giving you the protection for that motor vehicle which you treasure. Carports require very little maintenance and can be adapted to suit most applications. These are ideal for townhouse, house, industrial and commercial sites. Our carports are fitted with a boxed fascia gutter surround.


Patio Covers

Patio covers are custom made to suit the area and your needs. Patio covers are fitted with a boxed fascia gutter surround. Optional to this concept you could add brokkie lace and coloured trim.

Adjustable Patio Covers

This cover is for all seasons, giving you the best of both worlds. This patio cover has been specifically designed to allow maximum sunlight when fully opened, and to provide cover in poor weather conditions. This functional cover is constructed fully from aluminum. The non-corrosive alloys are used in the adjustable panels and fascia gutters, both finished in the PVDF paint system.