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Cantilever Shadeport We offer a wide range of applications and colours to suit this product, to meet the required need "UV Superblock" shadecloth offers up to 97% UV protection and is 99% waterproof. Hems and seams are double stitched using a Polyfill 25 "Mono Filament" thread which is UV resistant for maximum durability from our harsh sunny conditions. UV Superblock is also sanctioned by the Cancer Association. Design offered by Maxi Awnings is "HIP" shaped to allow for maximum wind loading and engineered design.



Roof sheets are pre-painted aluminium alloy AA3004 Industrial 7 889mm width. Fascia gutters and beams are pre-painted aluminium alloy AA3004. Paint finish on the Aluminium is chemically pre-treated including degreasing and conversion coating. Both sides of the coil is coated with a primer then oven baked coil is coated with Hylar 5000PVDF paint system and then again oven baked.


Zinc-Alume Colourbond

Roof sheets are Aluminum Zinc alloy coated, made up of 55% Aluminium, 43.5% Zinc and 1.5% Silicone. Zinc-Alume is available either unpainted or as a base product for the colourbond range of pre-painted steel. Zinc-Alume has a lifetime of up to four times that of galvanized steel under the same conditions. Colourbond offers the same corrosion resistant qualities in a pre-painted finish. Zinc-Alume offers a 6 year guarantee.



Chromadek is an Iscor product which is pre-painted galvanized steel of exceptional strength, practicality and workability. For more information on Chromadek go direct to website